Below is information about online and in-person meeting plans of the six active (now seven with Junkyard Dogs splitting into in-person and online circles) Greater Boston Community Men’s Circles.

Knights without Armor (Hybrid)

Meets in-person in Southborough when weather permits

Junkyard Dogs

Meets in-person on 1st and 3rd Thursdays

Junkyard Dogs (Online)

Meets online on 2nd and 4th Thursdays

Men Working (Hybrid)

Meets online or in-person depending on the decision of the meeting leader which rotates through membership.  During August and September 2022, 3 of 4 meetings were in-person.

Personal Mastery Group (Hybrid)

Meets in-person 2X per month starting November 2022

Men of Boston (Online)

Meets online with no plans to meet in-person

Men on the Loose (Online)

Meets online with no plans to meet in-person

The three circles meeting online only – Junkyard Dogs (2nd & 4th Thursdays), Men of Boston and Men on the Loose – can offer access to anyone in the NE Area, MKP USA or MKP International, not just the MKP NE Area GB Community; therefore, these circles should no longer be considered part of the GB Community, but rather, part of the online circle offerings of the NE Area. However, men in these circles who are located in the Greater Boston Community, are still considered members of the GB Community, though they should sign up for the GB Community Announcement Email list by sending email to this will ensure that they continue to receive information about GB Community News, Events and Trainings.