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Imagine a circle of men…

Visit a circle of men who outrageously support each other in realizing each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Mens’ Groups supported by the ManKind Project are places where men gather in a safe and confidential environment to be real, open and honest about the in their lives. The interaction in these groups is very different from the way men usually interact. Most members have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) and are referred to as Initiated Men.

These Men’s Groups, or I-Groups, as we call them, are also open to men who have not completed the NWTA (Uninitiated Men), and who are interested in experiencing genuine communication with other men. There is no charge to attend an I-Group. Scroll down for a list of I-Groups, sorted by geographical region and meeting day.

Each I-Group maintains its own rules or agreements and schedule. You are encouraged to contact the man designated as I-Group Representative for the I-Group you are interested in.

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