How does the Burden and Blessing of Leadership show up in your life?

The training will take place at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock Connecticut February 24-26, 2023. This will be a CCP event with an anticipated target cost of $520.00. This includes food and lodging. There will be a $200.00 deposit required to register. LT1 is NOT a requirement to take this training.

Our facilitators are…

Henry Thurman and Mike Patterson!

I hope you can join me to deepen the leadership you bring to yourself and others on the NWTA, at home, at work, and in your circle.

Leadership Training #2: The Burdens and Blessings of Leadership (LT2): This 2 1/2 day training requires two LT2 Leader Trainers one of whom MUST be an NWTA Full Leader.  It is a Warrior quadrant training, and the context is set by the Process Question:  “What are your blessings and burdens of leadership? “

·         7 Week Integration: Whatever it Takes (WIT) Group.

·         Costs: Two Full Leader NWTA fees plus travel and site costs.  (Note: Some Regions also charge a fee per participant.)

LT2 takes a deep look at how we all carry both burdens and blessings of leadership in MKPI and our lives.  The ‘Burden Process’ continues to be a mainstay in this training. Key covenanted processes covered are: Accountability and Mission, using the teaching model described above in LT1.

New and exciting processes include:

a) Accountability with Feedback loops

b) The Lifeboat Process

c) Mission and SMART Goals

d) The Money Shadow Process

e) Elitism in MKPI (Preservationists vs Expansionists).

The LT2  Multicultural subject is Classism/Elitism, and the constituency served is Community Leadership (CDs or TDs) . In LT2, much of the work is participant lead: from check-ins to learning to lead the Crossroads Process. Key process: Crossroads. 7 Week Integration: Whatever it Takes (WIT) Group.


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