On the 11th of June from 10 AM to 3 PM there will be the 4th Gathering of the Greater Boston Men’s Network. This network aims to build community and connection between men (self-identified), community leaders, change-makers, activists, and men’s groups. We strive to involve and support men that are oriented towards racial and gender justice, peaceful social transformation, the evolution of consciousness and culture (especially in regards to transforming patriarchal masculinity), and to spread joy, love and care between men and beyond.  Attend if you’re new to the work, curious, or if you’re an old friend, an elder, or for any other reason.

The day will include unstructured time to chat and get to know one another, along with some structured activities:

  • Small group connection
  • Playful authentic movement & relating
  • A panel discussion with local men’s group leaders

Registration cost goes towards venue rental and lunch. The day starts at 10am and concludes at 3pm. Come for all or part of the day and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!