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On May 18th 2019 come to Clara Barton to see how MKP works in your daily life. Come and check out a Karl Oaks exploration on:

“Finding our shadows in the circumstances of our lives”

Karl will be facilitating this exploration at the May NWTA Parallel event on May 18th, 2019 from 10 to 3 at Clara Barton in Oxford, MA Click on the link to go to the sign-up page.

Finding Our Shadows in the Circumstances of Our Lives
Shadow, “Karma,” Humility, Integration and Transformation

There are many different ways to express the idea that “what goes around, comes around,” or “you reap what you sow,” or “the world is your mirror.” We all have our preferred way of expressing it, and our own sense of how much impact the concept has on our lives.

For purposes of this training, let’s use the single, simple word, “karma” for convenience, and let’s be open to the possibility that the influence it has on our lives is vast.

When Americans hear the word, “karma,” they often think of a supernatural system of cosmic retribution, designed to inflict punishment. A more nuanced understanding of karma rests on the concept of “instructional feedback.” In other words, karma is a cosmic mirror, showing us things about ourselves we don’t adequately understand.

Whether or not you buy the concept of a Universe designed to help us grow, I can pretty much guarantee you that if you’re willing to live “as though” the Universe worked this way, you’ll meet negative experiences with greater resilience — and your shadow work will move more quickly — than if you treat your misfortunes as random.

In this training, we will bring for sharing a deconstruction of a negative experience “as though” it were specifically intended to teach us something about ourselves by mirroring our shadows. We may also bring an experience which seems meaningless, and isn’t easily yielding to this kind of a perspective. As a model, please consult the attached book excerpt, but please don’t feel pressure to write anything nearly as long. However many sentences it takes for you to feel that you’ve adequately covered the experience is fine. 

Together, we’ll explore what this approach can bring us in terms of (1) integrating the aspects of self we hide, repress, and deny; and (2) creating more positive life experiences as a result.

Contact Michael Anderson for more information.

Registration Link is on the way.

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