Over the weekend of June 4th & 5th a number of Mankind Project leaders have scheduled a Summit on Belonging, a gathering of people interested in creating, improving, and celebrating their ties to each other and their communities. Consisting of presentations, workshops, storytelling sessions, and informal opportunities for connection, this Summit’s theme is about how mentorship can be used to build belonging. Come discover new tools, connect with friends old and new, and experience the fun and insight of live storytelling and collaborative interpretation.

Some of these presenters and their presentations include:

  • Core Values as an Integral Approach to Conflict Resolution – Paul Johanson
  • Listening to Create Belonging – Bob Varden
  • Panel Discussion on Belonging and Mentorship – Heather May Roberts
  • Beliefs in Belonging – Walter Brown
  • Becoming Aware that We Already and Inescapably Belong…and Don’t (or Had Best Not)! – Douglas Gillette
  • Cosmic Engineering with the Eight-Step Process – Jonathan King
  • Sneetches Today – Jim Katona
  • Adventures in Mentorship and Belonging – Christopher O’Dell
  • The Devil’s Sooty Brother – David Kaar

For more information see https://unilateralgrowthrevolution.com/a-summit-on-belonging/.