We talk a lot about “Shadow” in MKP.

Ever wonder…

What is meant by “Shadow”, really?
Where does Shadow come from?
How does Shadow drive my self-sabotaging behaviors?
How does Shadow relate to I-group processes and facilitation?

Come find out at our upcoming pilot training event, “Shadow Facilitation 101”!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Bring the concepts of Shadow to your I-group.
  • Use the concepts of Shadow when facilitating others… and yourself.
  • Apply the concepts of Shadow to your personal life and relationships.

We’ll introduce you to a powerful causal model of “Shadow” with three parts: Wound, Belief, and Behavior (see attached).

We’ll also cover key concepts and tools to help you explore the Shadow… both alone and in circle.

Topics include:

  • Container Agreements
  • Language Guidelines
  • The Golden Self
  • The Four Archetypes
  • The Five Feelings and their Messages
  • The Purpose of Work and Facilitation
  • Feelings-Based Check-Ins
  • What’s at Risk (WAR)
  • Accountability
  • Clearings
  • The “Feelings Facilitation” Process
  • Facilitation Tips and Tricks
  • This will be a great opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with other men in the community!

We’ll set our container in the first hour and then alternate between classroom training and facilitation practice for the remainder of the day. There will be a one-hour lunch break from 12-1pm.

Bring a piece of work to do! There will be ample opportunity to practice facilitating… and to be facilitated.

Date: Saturday Dec 17th
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Boston Metro Area (exact location TBD – if you know a good spot please email us!)
Instructors: Ben and Dan Littauer
Lodging: The is a one-day non-residential event. If you are coming from out of town, email us and we’ll try to find you a place to stay.

Note: This is not an official MKP training and there is no charge to attend. It is open to both initiated and non-initiated men. Any donations received (entirely optional) will be used to offset the cost of training materials, snacks / water, and room reservation fees (if any). This is not a commercial activity and any excess funds received will be donated to MKP New England.

ACTION REQUIRED: Please indicate your interest in attending on this Doodle poll. We need a quorum of 8 men to proceed!


We look forward to sitting in circle with you!


Ben Littauer (Honey Badger)
Dan Littauer (Embracing Grizzly)