Parallel Training

Mission: Taking it to Heart

Stephen Simmer, with Steve Spitzer

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The longest and most difficult road I’ve ever taken is the eighteen inches between the head and the heart. –Anonymous

On my weekend I learned my mission statement so that I could recite it in front of sixty men. I memorized it. But I didn’t learn it by heart. The difference between learning something by head and learning it by heart is huge, imj. I may commit my mission statement to memory, but I don’t necessarily commit to it. It’s the difference between a wedding and a marriage. One is a public proclamation with guests and photographers present. The part that matters happens with no one watching. The part that matters starts when I move from head to heart.  — Steve Simmer

If you join us at this parallel training, you will…

  • Come away with a new, revitalized sense of your own mission
  • Learn a totally new, simple way of facilitating another man to develop a mission statement
  • Discover the startling relationship between mission and shadow mission that will change forever how you understand shadow
  • Learn four types of stretches that are developed specifically for mission work
  • Learn three steps to revitalize an I-group by shifting focus to mission

To register:

Click here for Registration  form for the training.

When: October 17, 2015, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Where: Clara Barton Center, 30 Ennis Road, North Oxford, MA 01537
Lunch: Make your own arrangements—pack a lunch or plan to eat at an area restaurant.  Plan to go to the sweat and brother dance after the training.
Bring: Payment arrangements (checkbook, credit card, firstborn child) to complete your CCP.
Bring your head and your passion.
More information: Contact the event registrar, Franktinus Stuitje,,or call 413-275-2828.

About the Parallel Event Leaders:

Steve Simmer is a warrior since 2001, and has led several parallel trainings and PIT trainings. He is currently the MKP-USA Mission Circle Coordinator, and is also the chair of the MKPNE I-group Council. He has taught at several colleges, and has led numerous training seminars, and is a psychotherapist in private practice.

Steve Spitzer is a warrior since 2000. Spitzer is the founder of the Jericho Circle project, which he began in 2001. Jericho runs men’s circles in federal, state, and county prison facilities. The circles have been facilitated by over 50 New Warriors over the years, and hundreds of prison inmates have sat in circles at some point since the founding of Jericho. Steve is a college professor at Emerson.