The purpose of the PIT is to empower men with the tools, skills and self-awareness to continue their personal growth in I-Groups, other MKP activities and the rest of their lives.

– Bob (Hallucinating Cave Bear) Jones, MKP I-Group Curriculum Chair, 2011 


Eligibility: Any man can attend this PIT training.

Size: Maximum of 20 participants

Leadership: Brooks Harrelson, Russell Kramp, assistants to be added on a weekly basis

Location: Weston, Massachusetts.

Dates and time:  Thursdays, 7:30 pm to 10 pm, beginning 3/30/2017, continuing weekly for 10 weeks.

Cost: $50 training fee. Participants may be asked to contribute for site rental if necessary: ongoing CCP.


Russell Kramp, 781-864-0600,
Brooks Harrelson, 617-335-0319,

To register: Click Register Now to complete Google Form.

$50 PayPal Deposit – 10 Week PIT