Parallel Training (October 2017)

September 7, 2017

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Shifting Perspectives

A Magician Skill and a Life Skill

Parallel Training for NWTA October 21, 2017

Do you……feel panic at the idea of facilitating another man in your IGroup?    Do you want a formula that can be used for most work in the Magician Round?  Do you want to live from a more creative and empowered place?

You will leave this Training with….the core principles for facilitating any process;  a formula for helping you and others to make a shift;  a take-home with all of the covered principles and processes.

This is a Parallel Training for the October New England NWTA.  Come learn valuable new skills, and connect with your brothers.   Later, dance around the fire with the new initiates, if you like.

Where:          Clara Barton Camp, North Oxford, MA
When:            Saturday Oct 21st, 2017 from 9:30am-5pm
Cost:              $70.00 (registration $35.00, Balance CCP
Facilitators:  Guthrie Sayen
Registrar:      Franktinus Stuitje, tinusman@earthlink.net, 413-275-2828

Guthrie Sayen helps wounded healers heal themselves, connects people to their soul’s purpose, trains professional life coaches to end suffering on this planet, and creates workshops that help people experience freedom, power, and joy. He was initiated in 2002 and has led a half-dozen PITs. For more information, go to www.bridgetothedivine.com

To self-register click the button and add your name to the Google Sheets Document.

Make a $35 deposit via Paypal

This is a CCP event so we will support each other.



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