In My Daughter’s Eyes

The May 2018 New England NWTA Parallel Event 

In My Daughter’s Eyes is a daylong workshop for the fathers of daughters of any age, during which you will have the opportunity to come do “your work” regarding your daughter.

Come create sacred space, bonding with other fathers of daughters, as we take a journey into the heart and dig deeply into the relationship with your daughter (of any age at all), regardless of whether you judge it to be happy or wounded.

In addition to I-group style carpet work centering around our daughters, we will examine the process of letting go; discuss issues unique to this special fatherhood role; and reflect upon our lifelong burden and blessing as a father to a daughter.  Time will be available to address conflicts with our daughter’s other parent or parent-like figures, as well.

Most of all, we will experience together just how much our daughters are a mirror into our own souls.

This event will be facilitated by Eric P.  “Father Buck” was initiated in November 2004, and has completed all of the MKP leadership trainings, the I & I, Mother’s Shadow, as well as many other non-MKP related trainings. In 2007, Eric co-created the Journey Into the Heart workshops with Craig Azoff (NY Metro MKP), and ever since has been offering experiential workshops for Fathers and Daughters (from ages 8 through and including adults) to explore their relationships deeply and meaningfully together.  Eric is also a 20-year divorce attorney and trained mediator in Connecticut, living his mission to help those who have chosen to end relationships to do so in the best way possible, with dignity and while minimizing the negative impact on the next generation.

Clara Barton Camp, N. Oxford, MA
Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 10:30am – 6:00pm
(followed by an optional P & R ceremony; Brother Dance and community connection)

CCP Fee: $75 to the New England ManKind Project
(plus a donation of any amount to Journey Into the Heart requested on the day of the event)

Step 1. Register (Google Form)

Step 2. Pay $25 Deposit