Creating Safe & Powerful NWTA’s

Community Parallel : SATURDAY JUNE 3rd 2017

Where: Clara Barton Chabot House
When:  2:30pm -5:30pm


  • Elders: Mike McAssey – Jack Palin
  • LKS: Ivey Hardy – Paul Acciavatti
  • Leader Body: Bob Cohen – Paul Brody


  • Live Guts Carpet
  • Creating and Understanding the Axis Mundi
  • Learn the Space Elders Hold for Staff and Participants on an NWTA
  • Leader Body? Elders Society? LKS Team?
  • What about Psychic Safety on a weekend?
  • Practice Guts…,
  • Come participate, learn, work, practice…,

Cost : CCP Process
$25.00 under 15 participants – $20.00 over 15 men

After the event Stay and Support :

  • Community Sweat: 6:00pm -7:30pm
    LKS Lead: Paul Acciavatti
  • Brother Dance: 8:00pm
    Warrior formal
  • Ice Cream Social 10:30pm


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