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September 6, 2017

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Springfield, MA Sept 5, 2017 – Are YOU the man you were born to be?

That’s the question at the heart of The New Warrior Training Adventure, a transformational weekend training program for men from all walks of life that will be held October 20-22, 2017 near North Oxford, MA. Men from around New England travel to the event, which is held twice a year in this area.

The event is sponsored by the ManKind Project USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The group has no religious or political affiliation, and says that it strives to be increasingly inclusive and diverse.

The New Warrior Training Adventure is billed as a ‘modern initiation for 21st century men.’ It’s an out of the ordinary description, but men respond with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In hundreds of testimonials on the organization’s web site, many men describe the training as one of the most powerful experiences of their lives. In surveys, over 90% say they would recommend it highly, and over 75% view it as life-changing.

“The training gets men outside their comfort zones and engaged in series of challenging and rewarding processes to gain understanding of themselves, their choices, and what it means to be a man today,” writes Boysen Hodgson, Communications Director for the US region of the global organization.

“On Sunday, men feel tired, triumphant, and transformed,” said Hodgson, “more connected to themselves, more able to recognize their motivations, more committed to their personal health and growth, and empowered with a personal mission statement. Every relationship and connection they have can benefit.”

Men are encouraged to continue their personal development work in free confidential men’s groups held around the country. Many of these groups are open to visitors who would like to learn more about the organization.

Actor and Writer Wentworth Miller (Prison Break, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow), said, “MKP has quickly become one of the cornerstones of who I am and how I move through the world today.”

Leadership trainers, therapists, mentoring experts, entrepreneurs, and family members alike recommend the New Warrior Training Adventure to men in their lives by the thousands every year.

Sam Keen, Author of “Fire In the Belly,” says of MKP, “I have watched the work the Mankind Project with admiration for many years. Its core values of accountability, authenticity, and emotional courage are key traits all men must adopt if we are to live in a safe and nurturing world.”

In peer reviewed research, the ManKind Project’s programs were shown to have a significant positive impact on men’s life-satisfaction, to lower stress and depression symptoms, and to lessen rigid gender norms and gender conflict, improving men’s relationships. (Journal of Self-Help and Self Care, Vol 8, Issue 1)

Now in its 33rd year, over 60,000 men have participated in this intensive weekend worldwide. There are chapters of the Mankind Project (MKP) in regions around the world including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Switzerland, the UK and Ireland, South Africa, and throughout the U.S., with growing presences in India, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

This weekend training is sponsored by the New England chapter of the ManKind Project. Enrollment is open now.

For information about the weekend call: Larry at 617-840-1612 or visit mankindproject.org. Men from the Mankind Project are available for interviews upon request.

Media contacts:
Boysen Hodgson | communications@mkpusa.org 413-883-2462



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The ManKind Project is a global nonprofit [501 (c)(3)] charitable organization that conducts challenging and highly rewarding programs for men at every stage of life. The ManKind Project supports a global network of peer-facilitated men's groups where men mentor men through the passages of their lives. The ManKind Project empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the world. We help men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge. Our flagship training, described by many as the most powerful men's training available, is the New Warrior Training Adventure. The ManKind Project (MKP) is not affiliated with any religious practice or political party. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and culturally aware.