Integral Mondo Zen

4 Day Retreat

April 2019

This Integral Mondo Zen retreat is a rare opportunity to embrace and deepen the spiritual and physical practice of acting wisely and compassionately toward oneself and all beings.

It is a mixed gender retreat for those looking for a deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of our emotions. Every day will include sitting and moving meditation as well as small and large group dialogue.

No experience necessary – just bring an open heart and beginner’s mind!

Dates: April 25— April 28 2019

Location: Aryaloka, Newmarket, NH

Register: https://mkpusa.org/mondo 

Registrar: Mitch Fortier

Email: newenglandimz@integralzen.org

With Support from the Mankind Project and Woman Within.

New England Participant CCP April 2019 IMZ
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