Where: The Woolman Hill Conferee Center is a Quaker retreat center situated on 110 acres of beautiful meadows and woods in the Connecticut Valley of western Massachusetts (Deerfield, MA). It is founded on the Quaker desire to nurture the spirit within and without.
When: March 16-18, 2018

What: We have scheduled 2 terrific workshops. Jim Wolfson will be giving the first on one of his specialties.

Effiji Breath Technique

A developmental process to releasing the layers of these unhealthy patterns toward healing core wounds that keep a persons life stuck in repetitive unfulfilling cycles. Breathwork has been known to help with any and all diseases of the body and mind. While we do not diagnose or cure any disease, we have anecdotal evidence of healing migraine headaches, arthritis, chronic fatigues syndrome and many phobias and fears. It also helps clear unprocessed grief, sadness and anger.


The second workshop will be  led by Jud Lowery and Stew Kennedy of the MKP Elders for Climate Justice.

In this workshop they will be talking about “climate change/global warming”. Not so much about the negative impacts of climate change, but what we can do to alleviate these impacts. They will be  showing all or part of a video interview they have recently done with climate change “luminary” Ken Kimmel from Union of Concerned Scientists. That will be followed by a discussion of what we can do as individuals, as elders, and/or as members of MKP or other groups.  A listing of climate change information and resources will be provided.

As usual, this is a CCP event.

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We are working on the schedule and agenda for this and future events. If you have any agenda ideas please call or email Jack Palin, MKPNE Co-Lead Elder.